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What are Geofilters?

Snapchat Geofilters are location-based graphics that you can place over your photo. They're not only a fun way to spice up your pictures and let your friends know exactly where you're snapping from, but also an extremely effective and affordable marketing technique for all businesses!

What we do

We design & supply custom Snapchat GeoFilters for people & businesses to add that extra 'wow' to any events or occasions.

Snapchat Filters

How can Geofilters help my business?

Whether you're a local butcher driving local business or an event planner wanting that finishing touch, people love Geofilters - and they love sharing them with their friends too!

Snapchat Geofilters extend your reach and connect with your audience in a modern, refreshing and unique way. Living in such a noisy world it's important to gain that edge to stand out from the crowd.


We live in a very loud world and people have grown accustomed to your typical, predictable, boring marketing.

A well designed Geofilter breaks that norm, excites the user and makes your brand memorable - and shareable!

First mover

Using Snapchat Geofilter marketing will make you one of the first movers, making your campaigns unique and memorable.

Uses are actively seeking 'new & exciting' things and they will gladly share your brand with all their friends.

Location based

Do you want your campaign to run locally - next to your competitor's store ...or do you want to promote your products in Iceland?

It doesn't matter! Geofilters are location based branding filters so your possibilities are endless! How big is your imagination?

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Why use Geofilters?

Unique & Fun

Geofilters are a totally unique way of marketing as they retain user attention and they're effective & fun - only restricted by the size of your imagination.

Location based

Location based marketing means you can get in front of the people that matter - down the street or across the world. You can now share your brand anywhere.

First mover

New marketing frontiers are always exciting to be involved with. Being a part of it makes you an innovative leader. There's never any prizes for being last.

Extended Reach

Geofilters are extremely viral. A great Geofilter image can be shared with friends - and friends of friends, to reach thousands,or even millions of people.

Be Remembered

Branding an image creates a long-lasting memory and association with any product, service, brand, event or occasion.

Cost Effective

Geofilters have some of the lowest 'cost-per-clicks' statistics. The power of friends sharing Geofilter images make them a very cost-effective marketing option.


Here's a few Geofilters we've created for our clients.

Get your Geofilter

Drop us a line first with your specific requirements and we'll contact you to discuss options.


  • Great for one-off events like birthdays, weddings or graduations
  • You're supplied go-live ready artwork for Snapchat
  • Includes 1 x Artwork Revision
  • $170 + GST


  • Ideal for event organisers, restaurants or nightclubs
  • You're supplied go-live ready artwork for Snapchat
  • Includes 2 x Artwork Revisions (each)
  • $610 + GST


  • Providing 24/7 support and <24 hour artwork turnaround
  • Includes Snapchat application process & campaign analytics
  • Includes Unlimited Revisions
  • P.O.A

4.5+ million impressions


Can you submit the Geofilter on our behalf?
Yes we can. For a small admin fee we will submit and manage your filter with Snapchat directly, so you don't have to worry about a thing.
How many people will see or use the filter?
This is dependant on the location where your filter is active and how relevant it is to users. A filter placed at an event will gain a lot more traction than one placed randomly. For example, we placed a Geofilter on a local beach and within a few months had gained 1.2 million impressions from 30,000+ direct uses.
Why are Geofilters effective?
Geofilters are a an extremely cost effective way to leave impressions with potential customers. Every time a photo is taken it's an opportunity to market your business an reach hundreds of thousands of people for just a few dollars.
How long will it take for you to create our filter?
We like to have at least 2 weeks notice before a Geofilter goes live, but it is possible to get one live within 24hrs (incurs +30% cost).
How much does Snapchat charge to post a filter?
This is dependant on the location and duration of your Geofilter. Generally it will cost between $5-20.
What's happens after I buy a filter?
We will contact you discuss your requirements and gain the information we need to create your filter. Afterwards, you will receive our confirmation of the design, location and duration. Upon your approva,l we will submit the final design to Snapchat ready for everyone to use!
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Terms of Use

The cost of Geofilters may be subject to change due to increasing demand or other market forces. Existing customers will be notified of this before any recurring payments of theirs are made.

Current Geofilter pricing is as stated on this website (unless substantial changes are requested by the customer after purchase). Any excessive filter or artwork amendments will incur an additional cost of $70 per hour. Customers will be notified of this before any changes are made.

If prior payment is not arranged, payment is to be made within 1 month of filter artwork completion or delivery (as stated on the invoice).

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